Spring/Summer plans? On-line courses!

Another thing I love about free time its ideal to start a new project and keep myself busy, that’s pretty much how 24itworld started.  I wanted to do something new and share my passion about tech. But after a while I used all my aces in the sleeve. How to expand your IT knowledge to the next level? I mean yeah we IT people share our tips and tricks on-line on forums or by the coffee machine in the office, but let’s be honest that’s helpful but not enough.

Cisco Packet Tracer Software

So on-line courses during spring or summer are ideal solution to learn new tricks, start new project and maybe to meet new people.

I’ve tried a few, It  takes sometime to find a course that really fit’s you or to imagine a project that would make an impact. This is not going to be like, which is the best on-line course or website list, just a window to the outside world of sql, subnetting and other IT areas.

I will start with EdX, since they really updated their course selection the relevant information technology classes. EdX was founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, and since then is one of the most popular and established online learning destinations. After you finish the course you will get a certificate of the university or institution that is the organizer of the course.

EdX webpage: list of online programs

Available at: https://www.edx.org

Stanford Online – Lagunita
Lagunita organizes many free on-line courses. The platform was created as Stanford’s instance of the open-source software release of the Open edX platform developed by awesome collab by Harvard/MIT non-profit org.

Stanford webpage: example of online course – Introduction to Computer Networking

I really liked this course on SQL: SQL Video Introduction

Available at: https://lagunita.stanford.edu/

Udemy is international company with HQ offices in San Francisco, Turkey and Ireland. They provide courses, blogs, training. Is a good start if you plan to become a developer or a business analyst. They have courses for variety of field from core development, business applications, IT&software, personal development, design, marketing, etc.

Udemy webpage: list of online courses

Available at: https://www.udemy.com/courses/

Netacad – Cisco Networking Academy
If you dream of becoming one of the best networking engineers there are plenty of great courses on netacad.com. From learning tricks how to set up network emulation in Cisco Packet tracer (amazing software if you ask me) from subnetting methods to effectively setup network for all the machines.

Cisco Networking Academy webpage: list of online courses

Available at: https://www.netacad.com/courses/packet-tracer-tutorial/

And this one is the best platform for bloggers and marketing gurus available at: https://www.hubspot.com/

Hubspot website: dashboard course platform

Behind the story are graduate students at MIT. You can read more on the inside of the team here. Cool app you can find on-line is website grader (you need to have an account to use it, but registration is free) and you also have some courses to get inbound certifications. Really cool SEO, marketing, blogging, design website.

Website grader on Hubspot – example of 24itworld

This is my top five, if I find something new I will keep you posted.


3 thoughts on “Spring/Summer plans? On-line courses!

  1. frugaldod

    Thank you for sharing these! I love working on continuing my education in my free time and these will go great along with my current series about Free Stuff 🙂 So I will definitely have to link to this when I write about Free Courses/Training 🙂


    • alexacastle

      Many of them are free, but I think Udemy courses have a price, but they constantly have sales. Many of the courses provide certificates at the end which are essential for fresh graduates looking for a job, freelancers and other tech enthusiasts. 🙂 Looking forward of reading your report!

      Liked by 1 person

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