Firewall can be desktop software or for enterprise users it comes also in hardware for more robust systems that blocks certain kind of connections via protocol or application filter or as stated on Microsoft website it’s:

 A firewall is a software program or piece of hardware that helps screen out hackers, viruses, and worms that try to reach your computer over the Internet. If you can’t start Windows Firewall or you are getting an error, use our free tool to diagnose and fix problems.

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Debian install into Virtualbox

Debian is one of the first Linux/Unix-based operating systems and it’s also used as a platform for costume designed Linux operating systems like Kali Linux etc. It’s a bit more complicated install full of different steps – the good thing in the whole story is that the install is guided but for additional reading I recommend this online manual:

I’ve decided to share a short tutorial how to install Debian in Virtualbox. Afterwards I plan to play with firewall install a bit, but I will used that in next blog post. I need to google things around, but if anyone has an idea or suggestion which firewall to install feel free to email me at:

I downloaded file from official website:

I used i386 installation file for 32-bit architecture and It’s sort of Debian Light version.


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NEWS: We Are Volunteers

As posted in previous post EVENT: WE ARE DEVELOPERS about largest dev conference in Europe, held at Vienna from 16 to 18 of May 2018 we have another news flash…

we are dev
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If you would like to join the event and be part of the team you can apply here:

You also have the whole range of descriptions and you can choose which team you would like to join… I think the most interesting one is: party support. How awesome is that?


WeAreDevelopers is major event with all the international stars of IT industry. The location of this World Congress 2018 is Austrian city Vienna. The date of event is from 16 to 18 May.

You can also check the event on their Facebook page:

Just to mention and present some names of the Speakers …

Steve Wozniak the co-founder of Apple Inc.

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We all know amazing Apple products and history of Apple who is the main player in IT for quite sometime. Steve Wozniak is the American inventor, electronics engineer, programmer, philanthropist, and technology entrepreneur. You can read his whole biography here.

Stefan Thomas CTO at Ripple

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Since the crypto currencties hype, who would not want to hear the story from the first hand in this amazing and also controversial business? Stefan Thomas joined as senior engineer and was initially charged with the architecture and implementation of Ripple’s first client application, aptly named Ripple Client, and smart contracts platform Codius. You can read his whole biography here.

Eileen Uchitelle Senior Systems Engineer at GitHub

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Eileen Uchitelle is star of the github coding community. She currently works there as Senior System Engineer. She is avid contributor to Open Source and is in the Rails Core Team and the Rails Security Team. You can read hear blog and bio here.

Patrick Kua CTO at N26

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Patrick Kua is CTO of N26. What is N26? It’s a online bank. We all have bank accounts and use banks, but N26 is interesting because it’s the first mobile first bank with a European banking license. This means this isn’t a traditional bank, this is the bank that offers classic bank services (like credit cards for example) – online. I think this is interesting product of the future. You can read Patrick Kua biography here and more about his cool skills and knowledge.

Check the whole Speakers list here:

You can book your ticket here, they also offer some special offer ticket prices for students:

Stay tuned for more posts about the event! 😉

Cyber Security Comics?

This are cybersecurity comic books or slide shows, how ever you prefer to call it, powered by Cisco. I came across this while surfing online and I think that is a fun share.

Graphic novels are written by Kevin Maney and artwork is by Mark Holmes. It’s not the same genre as famous XKCD – but it also captures recent reality of everyday life in the IT with a funny comic book spin.

I also added the Cisco’s slide show on Smart Cities, which is another interesting story in the world of technology right now.

The first one is Super Smart Security Novel:


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Technology in 2017 & trends for 2018

It’s been a long year full of interesting things in 2017. I think highlights on the scene of technology in 2017 are …

Larger screens on smart phones – which is good and I love the futuristic design manufacturers are making. Since the official colour of 2018 is ultraviolet, the well know colour of cyberpunk, I think design in 2018 will get even more in futuristic direction.


Electric car development – beside Tesla, which is electric car only company, other well know car manufacturers are also selling electric cars. The story was also covered on Business Insider. That story of electric cars will probably follow in 2018…

And crypto currencies. Even The Guardian posted a story on the digital coin phenomena. What is the point of blockchain and cryptocurrencies anyway? It’s available for anybody in the world who has a computer and internet access. And there are stories online on co-called bitcoin millionaires like Winklevoss twins (that guy’s who sued Mark Zuckerberg because of Facebook project).

IBM offers (if you don’t mind sharing with them some personal information) free download of Blockchain for Dummies.

What’s next in 2018? We will see… But according to website trends in 2018 are: Artificial Intelligence, IoT and SDE – Software Defined Everything.

Wish you a succesful and futuristic 2018!



News: Windows Mobile hotspot?

Recently I got on-screen notification from Microsoft that they recommend Windows update to newer version because version 1507 will end its support for security updates.

News source:


 Let’s take a look at new cool feature in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update…

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Subnetting: engineers hidden secret

Tonight a short guide in the world of subnetting. What is subnetting? Well taken from Wikipedia it’s:

A subnetworks or subnet is a logical subdivision of an IP network.
The practice of dividing a network into two or more networks is called subnetting.

Patch cables

So it’s like this we have hosts, clients and network stations. Hosts are usually main computers, servers or mainframes. Clients are usually computers from users. Network stations are switches, routers and other network devices. To make things work we connect this devices in to network that we provide information flow. Every device in ethernet environment has IP. We can configure this IP’s in logical network. We have different topologies, but that’s not relevant now.

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IT career – good example of CV: Elon Musk

Recently I found this amazing article on Business Insider, it’s one page long example of Elon Musk’s CV. The good thing about this CV is that is short – you see everything he does concentrated in this one page, it’s full of useful information: such as past projects, recent projects and skills, languages, education.

Elon Musk at TEDxTalk 2017

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