Spring/Summer plans? On-line courses!

Another thing I love about free time its ideal to start a new project and keep myself busy, that’s pretty much how 24itworld started.  I wanted to do something new and share my passion about tech. But after a while I used all my aces in the sleeve. How to expand your IT knowledge to the next level? I mean yeah we IT people share our tips and tricks on-line on forums or by the coffee machine in the office, but let’s be honest that’s helpful but not enough.

Cisco Packet Tracer Software

So on-line courses during spring or summer are ideal solution to learn new tricks, start new project and maybe to meet new people.

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IPv6: time for transit?

There are currently three operative technologies for trafficking packets in IPv6. The main question here is, how to developed system that can be used on IPv4 and IPv6 applications on existing machines? This means that for example if you have server running on IPv6 that can communicate with IPv4 clients or vice versa. This might sound like a simple problem to solve, but complexity is much bigger. You can solve that kind of problem with additional hardware upgrades or software solutions – however this solutions and development doesn’t come cheap and it takes some time to put it in production.

Source: Cisco/White Paper

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List of 6 interesting features of Windows 10

The thing that it’s cool about Windows is that every time they release new operating system it has many new build in apps and features.

Windows 10: desktop & applications

Snipping tool is handy app that we can use on every day base in the office or while chatting with friend. With Windows 10 we can find more apps in Windows store like WiFi Analyzer. The biggest surprise is of course 3D builder. Sadly it’s available only in language by location language of Operating System (this means if you choose operating system English but location is I don’t know, Slovenia for example the language of Windows Store will be Slovenian), so half of my apps on laptop are in English OS default language and half in Slovenian – country OS Windows store language. But hey, funny coincidences like that are reason we like Windows.

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How to run Kali live from USB drive?

As I promised, short tutorial on how to boot Kali live from USB. Kali is Debian based Linux open source operating system by Offensive Security team of experts. This option is good if you don’t feel like installing another OS on the machine or playing around with partition magic third-party programs. You can run Kali live directly from USB or SD card, steps are the same, it only occupies computers RAM it does not use any hard drive capacity for working live.

OS Menu: Live versions of KALI

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Simple & Safe: simple tips for network and computer security

Few simple rules to follow to keep your computer safe&fast.

Since holidays are around the corner and many of you browse and shop online here are few tips to keep holidays pleasant and also fun.

1. The web: visit websites you know or are https type of websites. Https – S stands for SSL – Secure Socket Layer – it’s a protocol for secure communication over the internet. It’s good to check websites certificates – many browsers show you whole tree and fingerprint of owner of the certificate. This is how we know who is behind the certain website. Like passport for travel is certificate for website. Also keep eye on domain name if its online shop. Many known online shops have certificate of authenticity. Example of Wikipedia certificate:

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Database of Linux distributions: Distro Watch

You can find lot’s of cool stuff online, that are helpful, useful and fun. Recently I found this awesome page that is a database of OS updates and distributions, like IMDB for the films, this one is for Linux. It’s really 2003 GUI styled database page, I love that kind of GUI design, that actually works fast every time I type a certain query – but that’s just my preference. You can find Distro Watch on the page: https://distrowatch.com/

Typed query: Ubuntu

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News: Microsoft + Linux = relationship?

It’s kind of big deal. Microsoft recently did a few steps to make their software more compliant with Linux, they launched beta of SQL Server for Linux and started working on Azure App Service – application for administrating cloud-based apps. This whole love story goes back in 2014 when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella proclaimed that the company loves Linux – we’re like who doesn’t?


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The Linux of your choice: Kali

Tonight short introduction to most talked about Linux OS this summer: Kali Linux

Photo & article source: TecMint / Aquil Roshan

There is a lot of different Linux operating systems on the scene, but tonight short post on the most hyped OS, some users use it to make good things and some users use it for other things. We are here not to discuss who is good or bad guy in cybersociety.

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What is the next big thing in IT?

Well tonight Elon Musk held presentation about his project to move some of the people to Mars, named: Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species, you can watch the presentation online: http://www.spacex.com/Mars

Elon Musk CEO of Tesla and Space X aka “the other buddy” that invented PayPal

It’s really technical type of presentation for people who are really interested to be part of such project, maybe for seekers who need something new and have a desire to be pioneers of life on Mars, this might be the thing for them, but for others perhaps iPhone 7?

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Top five open source apps for personal computer

It’s been a while… Tonight a short post on free programs around the web.

1. Paint.Net

This one is newer in the open source community. It’s really neat photo manipulation program. Sadly It can only run on Windows. My favourite effect is surface blur.

Paint.net – Surface Blur

Find in on:
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