IT career – good example of CV: Elon Musk

Recently I found this amazing article on Business Insider, it’s one page long example of Elon Musk’s CV. The good thing about this CV is that is short – you see everything he does concentrated in this one page, it’s full of useful information: such as past projects, recent projects and skills, languages, education.

Elon Musk at TEDxTalk 2017

The interesting part of this CV is that he is superstar of really wild and wide range of different industry sectors from rocket development, electrical cars engineering and solar power production. He is one of the pioneers of e-payment system Paypal and it’s development. The CV contains a really good self evaluation of skills, it’s honest and really nice CV. He could go in different – larger than life perspective, but he kept the content and design of CV quite grounded.

elon musk's résumé
Novoresume.Com CV of Elon Musk

Another interesting thing here is, why does Elon Musk even need CV?

Photography source: Recode.Net: Watch Elon Musk’s TED talk where he describes his plan to dig tunnels to avoid traffic

CV article source: This résumé for Elon Musk proves you never, ever need to use more than one page


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