Smartphone market in 2019 & how to buy one series intro…

There should be like a manual how to buy a new smartphone…” I’ve said to my friend when we were having coffee. We both just got new smartphones this year. Looks like 2019 is the year for new smartphones. He got Xiaomi Pocophone f1 and I went for Honor 8A. It’s really hard to buy a new smartphone these days because let’s be honest – almost all the leading companies are providing decent mobile devices. And there are also some new interesting players on the scene.

Smartphones from left: Huawei P30 Pro, Apple iPhone X, Xiaomi A3, Samsung Galaxy S 10

How to find the perfect brand?

Research, research and even more research. If you want to spend a lot of time, you should really dive in to the world of smartphones. There is much more beyond rooting for the right brand or chip set manufacturer. Smartphone market is important. On website you can find that the global revenue from smartphones sales in 2017 which amounted 478.7 billions of US dollars. In June 2019 Forbes published article on Huawei, that they confirm 30 billion US dollars revenue hit – because of sales drop 40-60%. But that’s not a big deal because Bloomberg published article about Global Smartphone Market in Q2 and all global smartphone shipments felled 3 percent to reach 341 million units. Still a lot of money flowing the smartphone economy. OK, so the interesting things are market share relations between leading brands – according to Bloomberg (published in July 2019) the first place goes to Samsung with 22 percent global market share, the first runner up is Huawei with 17 percent and third Apple with 11 percent.

smartphone market share
Smartphone Market Share, Photo:

But a lot of things change on the smartphone market because it’s really dynamical – in October 2019 Reuters published article that Samsung ended mobile production in China. Samsung’s share of the Chinese market shrank to 1% in the first quarter from around 15% in mid-2013, as it lost out to fast-growing homegrown brands such as Huawei Technologies and Xiaomi Corp (1810.HK), according to market research firm Counterpoint. OK enough about economy. We will take a look of the specs a bit in a next post. Tune in.

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