SMART CITIES CONFERENCE 2019 – State Authorities

Products and services – State Authorities: Ministry of Public Administration, SI-TRUST, The Institute of Corporative Security Studies ICS Ljubljana

The next set of presentations were regarding products and services of Slovenia’s State Authorities. The main focus was Cybersecurity and e-government services. Mr Uroš Svete, Ph. D. from Ministry of Public Administration Slovenia, presented The challenges of Cyber security in Slovenia. He presented everything about the laws, organizations and authorities that protect critical infrastructure – running on the world wide web and internet. He provided information about connections and responsibilities between different authorities (from Military, intelligence etc) in chart of organizations involved. With commercialization of the internet, governments around the world now offer their online services, and once you’re online – you also need to make this online world safe.

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Mrs Alenka Žužek Nemec, Ph. D., Ministry of Public Administration Slovenia, presented SI-TRUST aka. Trust Service Authority of Slovenia and their work with E-Identities and trust services. She presented a use case of SI-PASS (authentication and e-signature service), smsPASS (OTP sms service) and projects like development of eID (electronic ID card) and preparation new legislation ZEISZ. They are the players behind digital national eID for cross-border authentication and central building blocks for trust services integrated with eIDAS node. They provide and support variety of e-services like: digital certificates for citizens and companies, SI-PASS with Mobile Identity and Qualified Time Stamps, e-Signature – with simple words – an valid ID if you want to be recognized online for the use of let’s say e-government (e-municipalities, e-health, e-education, e-taxes) and business services etc.

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The next presentation in series of State Authorities stories was view of Mr Denis Čaleta, Ph. D. from The Institute of Corporative Security Studies ICS Ljubljana about Critical infrastructure in a Smart City: between sectors, the state and municipalities. He presented how critical infrastructure is connected between Country, City and Corporations.

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