Report: We Are Developers World Congress 2018 – Steve Wozniak – Vienna, Austria

There aren’t many tech events on such level as We Are Developers World Congress, and it’s been honor that 24itworld was part of such event.

Event was held in Vienna at Austria Center – Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1 from 16th of May to 18th of May. And to spice things a bit, this year organizers provided one of the biggest names in tech industry for conference opening – Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, INC.

WAD10There was impressive list of speakers from heart of IT industry from companies such as Microsoft, Twitter, N26, Facebook, Ripple, Stack Overflow and more. The event covered all sort of topics from electric cars, to block-chain (which is for my surprise a very hot topic in developer community), privacy, security, cloud solutions, etc.

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Organizers provided impressive Mobile Phone App We Are Developers that provided information about the Speakers and activities such as workshops, and there was also live update wall about the happening at the event and posts from attendees. You could also open your own profile and comment and share photos on the wall and the app also provided direct messaging build-in app.

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While I was waiting for event to start, there were many guys and girls coding on their laptops chatting on Slack with their buddies. It was really a cool vibe going on. All the tech world united in on place. I joined the opening at the main stage for Steve Wozniak interview with Monty Munford  (Forbes Contributor).

The co-founders of the We Are DevelopersThomas Pamminger, Sead Ahmetović and Benjamin Ruschin welcomed all the visitors and event opening was guided by amazing Madeline McQueen.

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The guys, Steve and Monty, talked in relaxed atmosphere about all sorts of things, Woz shared few funny stories with everyone, how he visited Kim Kardashian after giving birth and talking to Kanye, how he ordered Tesla, and then he and his wife rather buy a Mercedes and he got afterwards email from Elon Musk – that diesel/benz car is not Silicon Valley spirit statement. They also talked about cryptocurrencies and his philanthropist projects, how he is giving back the community, by supporting technological education in schools, visiting Pakistan and many more things you can read about on his website:

He also mentioned new Apple product, a calendar app that changes time zones while you travel. 🙂 Over all I noticed that Steve Wozniak is a creative person, true engineer and committed husband.

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Here are some of the quotes of the event:

“Devs do things normal people can’t” – Steve Wozniak, Source:

“Blockchain is right now, but it came out with #bitcoin which can’t be controlled/ centralized…”- Steve Wozniak, Source:

“Nobody knew what a computer was, there were no books in the library so I had to stumble on a lot of answers”- Steve Wozniak, Source:

Event headline: PEOPLE CODE FUTURE


It’s been pleasure& honour to join such big event! Nina from 24itworld.

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