List of 6 interesting features of Windows 10

The thing that it’s cool about Windows is that every time they release new operating system it has many new build in apps and features.

Windows 10: desktop & applications

Snipping tool is handy app that we can use on every day base in the office or while chatting with friend. With Windows 10 we can find more apps in Windows store like WiFi Analyzer. The biggest surprise is of course 3D builder. Sadly it’s available only in language by location language of Operating System (this means if you choose operating system English but location is I don’t know, Slovenia for example the language of Windows Store will be Slovenian), so half of my apps on laptop are in English OS default language and half in Slovenian – country OS Windows store language. But hey, funny coincidences like that are reason we like Windows.

1. WiFi Analyzer

You can download this tool from Windows Store for free, Windows Store is also built-in app. You also have premium version which offers even more options, but free version is good as well. This applications analyzes how busy are certain channels on wi-fi network and shows you some basic info on network settings.

Microsoft WiFi Analyzer: channels

2. Snipping tool

Number two is good old snipping tool, you can use it to make snips of pictures and it’s faster than pressing PrtSc or finding print screen key on laptop.

Snipping Tool

3. Resource Monitor

Very useful applications for system audit and administration. You have cc. 5 tabs, Overview, CPU status, Memory (RAM), Disk and Network activity. Monitoring might be useful to monitor different running applications and their resources.

Microsoft Resource Monitor

4. Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4

Well this one isn’t built-in app, but I had to put it in blog somehow. It’s really impressive packet tracing tool from Microsoft. You have different segments of processes end detailed logs on type of protocol, ip, date, time and frame number.  It also provides info about Source and Destination of packets. Available on this link:

Microsoft Network Monitor

5. Word Pad

Windows built-in text editor. It offers simple functions like font formatting, bolding, italic and other basic options. You can save documents in rich text format, open XML’s and other types of documents.

Microsoft Word Pad

6. 3D Builder

Newer app for 3 D design. I think that Windows want’s to go forward towards 3D printing with this app.

3d builder.gif
Microsoft 3D Builder

See the funky language change?

Hope you like the post, take care and happy holidays!


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