How to run Kali live from USB drive?

As I promised, short tutorial on how to boot Kali live from USB. Kali is Debian based Linux open source operating system by Offensive Security team of experts. This option is good if you don’t feel like installing another OS on the machine or playing around with partition magic third-party programs. You can run Kali live directly from USB or SD card, steps are the same, it only occupies computers RAM it does not use any hard drive capacity for working live.

OS Menu: Live versions of KALI

I downloaded Kali Light version 2016.2 – 64-bit, my laptop I’m running Kali on is Windows 10,  64-bit, you can find ISO files for download on this web page:

Kali Linux Light

Firstly you need to have boot option enabled in BIOS on your PC, you enter the BIOS boot menu usually with F12, after the company name of pc is shown during start-up, it depends on tech vendor – otherwise you need to enter options in BIOS and change it – your PC asks you usually at the start-up down on the left.

There is a lot of official youtube videos for almost every PC vendor how to enter BIOS and enable boot option.

After we have BIOS boot menu enabled, we can prepare the USB for installing Kali.

On official Kali website is recommended other program, but I used Rufus – and it works just fine:

Settings in Rufus after you choose ISO file, press: Start

With this program we create bootable USB and burn OS files on the Universal Serial Bus. After that we restart PC, enter boot menu in BIOS (usually with F12) and choose USB drive / SD card. After files load it looks a bit like this:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You firstly choose which Live version you will use in this tutorial I used Live (686-pae) and Live (forensic mode).

For live version password is: toor
I usually choose: Use Default config
Example of terminal and nmap application
Other Kali Apps
Mozilla Web Browser and knowledge base – direct link

I also find this how to if you prefer booting Kali in Virtualbox from USB – I actually used live boot from USB in Virtualbox to create photos with snipping tool – this are really good and the most simple instructions to be find online:

How to geek: How to Boot From a USB Drive in VirtualBox

Install safely and have fun!

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