Simple & Safe: simple tips for network and computer security

Few simple rules to follow to keep your computer safe&fast.

Since holidays are around the corner and many of you browse and shop online here are few tips to keep holidays pleasant and also fun.

1. The web: visit websites you know or are https type of websites. Https – S stands for SSL – Secure Socket Layer – it’s a protocol for secure communication over the internet. It’s good to check websites certificates – many browsers show you whole tree and fingerprint of owner of the certificate. This is how we know who is behind the certain website. Like passport for travel is certificate for website. Also keep eye on domain name if its online shop. Many known online shops have certificate of authenticity. Example of Wikipedia certificate:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Example of certificate info in Mozilla for online shop Amazon:


2. Update your browser. Keep your browser updated, especially if you use electronic bank. Usually if some kind of exploit is discovered, certain website of bank or browser company will publish the news. It’s good to follow this kind of things every now and then.

Mozilla Firefox – notes

Computer emergency response team – US

Almost every country has its own computer emergency response team, that is always in touch with big IT companies in case there is some kind of technical or a security issue.

3. Keeping computer alive: watch out what kind of third-party programs you install. Firstly check if thing is even compliant with your operating system, like version of software, read the fucking manual about it and maybe setup a virtual machine and test it up first.

Simple CMD disk check command for checking health of hardware disk

If it’s an option install native software and for disk health check and de-fragmentation, cleaning use build in software that is part of operating system. This is the only way to keep your computer normal and programs working.

4. This one may sound a bit trivial, but try not to use public wi-fi. For example if website you browse is not encrypted – someone can sniff all the content and traffic you visit. It takes only 30 seconds to set up hotspot and connect to your mobile network. If you’re a tourist, buy visitors SIM for mobile internet/smart phone/router or use only the wi-fi you know.

5. Don’t open suspicious emails and links. I mean, we learned that in the 90’s right?

Remember, have fun and install safely!


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