News: Microsoft + Linux = relationship?

It’s kind of big deal. Microsoft recently did a few steps to make their software more compliant with Linux, they launched beta of SQL Server for Linux and started working on Azure App Service – application for administrating cloud-based apps. This whole love story goes back in 2014 when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella proclaimed that the company loves Linux – we’re like who doesn’t?


What does that mean in IT world? PC WORLD reports:

Microsoft will be a Platinum member in the Linux Foundation, placing it alongside the likes of Intel, Oracle, Samsung and IBM. The move makes sense for Microsoft, given its open source leanings of late. Jim Zemlin, the Foundation’s executive director, said in a press release that he expects Microsoft will intensify “its involvement and commitment to open development.”

Also Linux foundation reports:

From cloud computing and networking to gaming, Microsoft has steadily increased its engagement in open source projects and communities. The company is currently a leading open source contributor on GitHub and earlier this year announced several milestones that indicate the scope of its commitment to open source development. The company released the open source .NET Core 1.0; partnered with Canonical to bring Ubuntu to Windows 10; worked with FreeBSD to release an image for Azure; and after acquiring Xamarin, Microsoft open sourced its software development kit. In addition, Microsoft works with companies like Red Hat, SUSE and others to support their solutions in its products.

This is a huge game-player move from Microsoft in IT industry. Hope to see some cloud-based Linux SaaS apps! Now only sky is limit!



2 thoughts on “News: Microsoft + Linux = relationship?

  1. codeinfig

    historically, when microsoft shows an increased interest in something, theyre trying to acquire it, not make friends with it.

    as far as i know, microsoft is still interested in collecting royalties on “software patents” for software they didnt write, from distributions like opensuse. i get that the linux foundation is interested in working with them– thats great, i have no interest in the linux foundations plans to commit suicide for yet another corporate sponsor. and im well aware how many of those sponsors we are in bed with already– to me thats no reason to seek even more of them; on the contrary.

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    • alexacastle

      Well… Every time Microsoft joins or buys something it doesn’t end well for the other company… Like Skype for example. But here I’m kind of thrilled with idea of SaaS software development collab. However I want my Microsoft desktop to stay MS and my Linux distro to stay Linux. 🙂 Not looking for weird hybrids…

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