The Linux of your choice: Kali

Tonight short introduction to most talked about Linux OS this summer: Kali Linux

Photo & article source: TecMint / Aquil Roshan

There is a lot of different Linux operating systems on the scene, but tonight short post on the most hyped OS, some users use it to make good things and some users use it for other things. We are here not to discuss who is good or bad guy in cybersociety.

The user interface of Kali is pretty fancy and black. Picture source and article source is TecMint:

Kali linux tools

Kali includes tools for penetration, security auditing and ethnical hacking. It has more than 300 Debian based tools.

Kali tools & specialities:

Default OS has only one root user, installing third party software is not recommended. Must read about Kali before starting with it:


Network tool: wireshark

One of the most used tools in network society. It’s used for real-time analysis of network and packet sniffing.

And then we have other tools mainly used for password cracking like: Aircrack-ng for wep/wpa/wpa2, Reaver used for WiFi password cracking (similar to Aircrack-ng because WiFi usually is wpa encrypted and protected and John the Ripper.

Kali tools

You can also use Kali for playing movies, browsing on the web, playing songs.

I plan to make detailed report on Kali and tutorial how to boot Kali from USB you can run live session because it’s made to run directly from RAM without using hard drive partition. We will see how this works in practice.

You can find official Kali Linux images on:


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