What is the next big thing in IT?

Well tonight Elon Musk held presentation about his project to move some of the people to Mars, named: Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species, you can watch the presentation online: http://www.spacex.com/Mars

Elon Musk CEO of Tesla and Space X aka “the other buddy” that invented PayPal

It’s really technical type of presentation for people who are really interested to be part of such project, maybe for seekers who need something new and have a desire to be pioneers of life on Mars, this might be the thing for them, but for others perhaps iPhone 7?

If in the 90’s was World Wide Web a challenge with music download policies, computer viruses, mail client programs and in post-nineties building good 3G stations and providing on Earth 24-hour mobile internet system is the 2020 plan perhaps life on Mars? But for people who live everyday life on Earth, we are constantly looking for other type of technical solutions like safe cars, electronic books, live stream, good type of data storage, cloud software.

While Bill Gates is every now and then going public with different solutions for water cleaning: Business Insider Reports Gates and Larry Ellison is every now and then on Business Insider in other type of news Business Insider on Ellison… Elon Musk has been for quite some time conquering the game like front man of IT world.

We have some impressive companies right now (mainly in smart phone and Saas) business like: Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi … and Google, Microsoft are really playing good game on the Saas scene. Almost every person has its own Gmail account and uses smart phone and maybe a credit card – because with chip credit cards the French and Motorola were the first players that changed the game in IT, then came Nokia with its famous 3310.

But there hasn’t been player that would change the game in IT in quite sometime. There is small change in world of telecommunications with transition on IPv6, but other than that, IoT = Internet of things, let’s be honest – is not going to happen for quite some time.

But from IT point of view what kind of technology will Spaces X mission to Mars bring us? Are they developing their own software and hardware? What kind of challenges are they meeting? It’s hard to develop something for totally different environment and atmosphere. We will see what the future brings.

So what’s next? Living on Mars or Internet Of Things on Earth?



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