Top five open source apps for personal computer

It’s been a while… Tonight a short post on free programs around the web.

1. Paint.Net

This one is newer in the open source community. It’s really neat photo manipulation program. Sadly It can only run on Windows. My favourite effect is surface blur.

paint – Surface Blur

Find in on:

2. Open Office

Yeah, rumour has it (or is it official now?) Apache Organization will not support it any more, but it’s still one of mine favourite alternatives to MS Office. I guess being on a scene for respectively amount of time makes this software one of office personal computer must haves.

Open Office Writer

3. Mozilla

I know, I can’t help myself, firstly it’s one of the fastest browsers on World, it has some awesome plugins: dictionaries  for all sort of languages, hide my ip and many themes for users with edge. And it works on Linux as well. And I just google it, for Mac is available also.

Mozilla with Hide my IP Add-On

4. Portable PGP

It’s great for fast need of encryption. Sad part of this open source jewel is it’s written in Java and it will not work on PC’s without Java. Otherwise you can create private keys and encrypt all sort of files.

Open Pgp Key generator

Available on:

And number five is:
5. VirtualBox

Because it’s fun, useful and trendy. You can emulate almost anything with this app, from Mac to Linux to Windows Phone emulations – I’ve heard you can really emulate smartphone environments. You can read more about it in previous posts: VirtualBox: How to install elementary os in virtualbox – step by step

Thanks for attention and be careful and install safely.


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