OSI – Open System Interconnection provides layer functioning and also defines functions of all layers. Example, OSI model and TCP/IP both use the transport layer but there is totally different philosophy behind the use of its transport.

The main difference in the transport layer of the standards, in OSI model, the transport layer guarantees the delivery of packets, in TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol) layer does not guaranteed delivery of the packets, but it provide us only information about lost packets – we can check the status of connection for example by pinging certain website in command prompt, example you can type ping 24itworld.wordpress.com and application will provide information, is website at this domain reachable or not and status of packets. You can find about function of each layer in previous post: ISO & OSI model – layers of the Network. Also the OSI follows horizontal approach in network layering, TCP/IP follows vertical approach.

Example of ping in CMD
Difference + protocols found in each layer.

There are some really good articles online so I decided just to share top 3 sites about network layers:

Further reading:

The Geek Stuff

Explained step by step for each layer with plastic diagrams.

Electronic Design

Goes further into TCP IP layer and address functions.

Study Tonight

Short and plastic presentation of difference.

Stay tuned, online and wish you a successful week!


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