VirtualBox: How to install elementary os in virtualbox – step by step

Today I will show how to install a Virtual Machine on your PC. This means you can install on your personal computer other type of OS, for testing applications, playing around – without need for other physical computer.



  • My OS: Windows 10 64bit
  • Virtualbox: Version 5.0.24 r 108355
  • Virtual System OS: Elementary OS version 0.3.2 / Linux Ubuntu 32-bit


First steps:

  1. Firstly install Virtual Box on computer – find appropriate version for you PC:
  3. Then I recommend to download OS you will install in virtual box to create virtual computer:
  4. In this tutorial I will install Elementary OS version 0.3.2
  5. Available on:
Virtualbox Console

Select NEW to create new Virtual Machine in the menu bar:


Select parameters – create environment for OS you will install:


Define hard drive parameters:
  1. name the machine
  2. file size of vdi file
  3. hard disk type: choose VDI
  4. Dynamically allocated
And new virtual computer is created: Elementary OS 24ITWORLD
Select: Settings
Customize Computer settings


  • operating system
  • system architecture 32-bit
  • name
Motherboard settings: Keep default settings for Motherboard.

I recommend you leave default settings for Processor – but you can play around after you install OS. If you shut down the machine – you can change settings of Virtual Computer.


Display settings: Depends on what you prefer.
Setup storage: Important, to set up Storage so Virtual Machine will know from where to boot and install OS.

And we’re done with Settings.


After you’re done with Settings just…select: START

Display will appear, you don’t need to choose boot device – we already did the setup in Settings under Storage.

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If nothing happens for a while… Just wait. It might take some minutes to see OS Installation GUI

After a while you will have Installation GUI for Elementary OS: select Install elementary if you were planning to create a Virtual PC.
This is how OS is going to look like. You can keep your system up and running with Virtual Machines on your computer or you can shutdown.

If you shutdown your main computer – you need to first shutdown all the virtual machines. After you’re done with work just X the display and a window will pop up:


  1. you can Save the machine state ( that means it will not boot from start)
  2. Power of the machine ( like Shutdown in computer – it will save some of the settings you did in this session)


 Hope world of virtualization will inspire you as well. Take Care and Install Safely!

With a little help from this How to: How to install Elementary

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