When did Linux started to look that good and it’s also available for Mac? Meet Elementary OS.

Elementary is newer operating system in IT community.

Planning to make step by step tutorial how to install operating system on virtual box, what kind of environment to set up etc. I had some problems installing elementary OS on VB, in the 6th try I finally did it – image below. Sometimes is the blend of theory and practice the best knowledge for problem solving in information technology. For the sake of fun and test I installed Elementary on Virtualbox in Mac hardware environment – 32bit version.

You can download the original OS, read about it in blog from developers & donate – because it’s work of art – Elementary is available on this website:


It’s open source, linux and it’s also developed for Mac OS X environment.

Elementary on Mac environment Virtualbox


Elementary OS running on Virtualbox on Windows 10

Another cool thing is Midori new browser from Linux. Stay tuned!


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