Something old and something new: How to open .docx file in older Office versions?

If it works, keep it as it is. Like in the world of fashion is the same in the IT world. Nowadays we have a wide range of solutions for old and new software, there is also the whole hype about so-called legacy.

Word 2000 running on Windows 10


The first time I meet Windows as Windows and played around with Word was Windows 2000 and Office 2000. I remember all the good things operating system offered and if something was working It was really working. So I played around a little and installed Windows 2000 in Oracle Virtualbox and the thing is actually working like real computer. I’m planning to make a short post on Virtualbox next time.

Snip from Virtualbox: Windows 2000

I think there is no new or old in information technology and real system administrator or developer should be familiar with all hints tricks and pains technology has to offer. You must know how to play around with Windows Vista and find correct driver on Windows XP.


I could not believe my eyes today when I ran on this little tool:

Microsoft Fileformat Converters

I have Office 2000 on Windows 10. It works for me just fine, I can write homework for school without playing war with auto font and pop-up link up things in documents  too much and I don’t need to excessively use Notepad to clear format in the document. But I could not open newer files like .docx, so I have Open Office 4.1.2 for files of newer format –  and It works fine on Windows 10 x64 bit environment.

And guess what? Guys from Microsoft have also a solution for that, not only that Office 2000 works on Windows 10, you have File Format Converter. You just install it and the icons of .docx files will look like the ones from Word 2007.

Looks pretty neat right? Well I recommend the latest office products, for security reasons and wider range of design tools for professional work, but for writing – is simple Office ok and works fine as well.

Hint: When you click Download un-pick the MSN plugin and click blue Next on the right… A pop up with FileConverter.exe will pop up… Then just click on the .docx files and it will open in your old version Office.

Take care and enjoy summer vibes!


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