IP/TCP is window to the outside world – INTRO

Today I will make just a short introduction to Reference for Comment documentation and lighten the problems in world of network engineers.

To communicate with outside world we need certain protocols and parameters to be full field. One of the most used and popular protocols is TCP/IP protocol – it’s mostly used for communication between devices on the Internet.

The internet modules use the addresses carried in the internet header to transmit internet datagrams toward their destinations. The selection of a path for transmission is called routing.

TCP/IP protocol in IT community is like Metallica in the metal community, for now it rules the World and TCP is nothing without IP, like Metallica can’t be Metallica without James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich.

If you feel urge to explore knowledge on TCP / IP I truly recommend to start from where it all begin:

Reference for Comment specifications of  DARPA INTERNET PROGRAM.

If you have questions regarding Metallica – I recommend you start with Nothing Else Matters and maybe MTV Metallica Unplugged.

Maybe this logic is unusual for now but it will all make sense… Eventually.

Internet was developed by: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military.

The RFC files includes everything from protocol layering to TCP Header Format and Internet Header Format. To see the link between bits and sent pockets and visualize the whole transmission process, It’s good to run true
part on TCP Header Format ; RFC793
and Internet Header Format ; RFC760

TCP Header Format

Internet Header Format

Why the fuck Subnetting, what’s the problem of IPv4 and what is deal with Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface?

Because of information pollution. The amount of machines word is using – realtime and offline is getting bigger and bigger. Well every working class hero – needs at least one computer at work, if you work in call centre or in monitoring department your computer is connected to network of different servers – servers are usually connected to other devices or they serve for collecting and processing certain amount of data. And at home you have printer, ip tv, setup box, laptop, smart phone, and your brother is Apple believer so you home computer with Windows 10 and Linux running on virtualbox isn’t enough, you family owns an Mac OS X and iPhones and Apple TV if it’s that even a thing… And if you dad is old school kind of man he obviously owns a fax machine. Well if its old fax running on PSTN it doesn’t need IP, but nowadays you have Fax Over IP – so we need a lot of IP’s so our dear devices, computers and machines can communicate.

On Teredo Tunneling in next part of IP/TCP is the window to the outside world notes…


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